Amazon Repricer

Description: Amazon Repricer tool will help Amazon sellers to automatically reprice the products based on competition. This tool helps seller to win buybox and increase sales.
How to enable Amazon repricer

  • Login to your HomaVo account. Click Here.
  • In the top menu go to Tools -> Amazon repricer.
  •  Use the enable toggle to turn the tool On or Off

How to configure the Amazon repricer

  •  First Enable the tool as shown in above process
  • Go to this url :
  • Open Tab “My Repricer”. This tab is design to set your repricing rules ex: I want to set 0.01$ less than my competitor. I want to set 1% less hen my competitor.
  • You can add repricing rule from our predefined template by clicking on Add From Template button and select the repricing strategy.
  •  Manual add repricing rule button- You will prompt to ask the few information about the repricing rule like Name of repricer, pricing would be below competition by Amount/Percentage by xx value and many more. If you have buybox then what setting you like to do, if no competitor then what will be your settings, if competitor is below your Min price then what your settings.
  • Once you add repricing rule now you need to give strategy to each product from 3rd tab Product. Here for each product you need to set high / low and repricer. For example product A cost is 5.99$, high – 7.00$ and low – 5.50$ and reprice strategy would be Compete by 1% less, so your product will never reprice less than 5.50$ and not greater than 7.00$, if would always be in range.
  • Repricer log would help you to find which product is reprice when.
  • Dashboard will give you quick overview about some statistical information how many product has won’t buy box, how many product are in min price , above min price, recent repricing log.